1. To post a message to Social Media, click on the "Posts" icon on the menu bar on your left.

Each particular Social Media Platform have different things they accept;

Some allow for a picture and text. Some allow just a url and text. And some allow for almost all, a title, picture, text. In some cases, some don't even allow for URL's in captions or titles.

We try as much as possible to fit what you provide in the post section to meet their criteria. 

If you feel we missing something about a particular channel, please feel free to shoot us an email at hello@trustmystore.com

3. The body or description of the posts goes here

4. To add a title, heading or caption to your post, please click on the + sign on the lower right of the description box.

5. To hyperlink your post, enter the link in URL section and then click the plus button. This only hyperlinks the post for platforms that allow that. It does not add the url to the description. 

6. To add the URL to your post body or description, click on the upload icon by the URL you entered.

7. To add an image, click on the picture tab under the same section as the URL. You can either upload your picture from your laptop or through a URL. This picture goes to the picture field or thumbnail if the platform accepts pictures as a field.

8. You can crop your uploaded image to make it look better

9. Then select the social media channels to which you want the post made to.

10. Finally, you can make your Post immediately or Schedule it for a later date/time