1. To promote a product, click on the "Products" icon on the menu bar on your left.

2. You can then browse through your products or search for the product you want to promote.

3. You should see a list of your products. If you signed up through Shopify and can't see your products here, please send us at hello@trustmystore.com

4. Then click on the product you want to post to your social media pages. You will be redirected to the "Post" page. You can modify the title and add a description to suit your audience.

5. Your post will be prepopulated with some details of your products. Not all platforms accept all these details. Example a platform like Instagram doesn't allow linking a post or even adding it as a caption. Facebook does not allow linking of posts anymore so you might want to add the link in the description

6. Then you have to select the Network or Social Account you want your post to go to.

7. When you done you can "Post" or "Schedule" your  post